Hempstead Valley rewarded for their outstanding customer service

Hempstead Valley rewarded for their outstanding customer service

This is currently the highest standard available with Savills and was introduced early this year to both recognise and reward the hard work and outstanding customer service given by their staff.  Of 124 shopping centres and 80 retail parks Savills manages, there are only 7 that hold the Gold standard.   


Richard Hulme, Head of London Retail Management at Savills said; “The Hempstead Valley team has shown outstanding customer service delivery and this has been recognised by receiving this award. Hempstead Valley is one of only seven shopping centres, out of a portfolio 164 schemes managed by Savills in UK, that has achieved the highest award of Gold Customer Service.

Therefore, Hempstead Valley is clearly at the top of its game!”

Mark Rumfitt, Centre Manager at Hempstead Valley said; “This has been a good challenge to achieve, with a number of key areas where specific standards need to be achieved.  The most important part is the day to day customer service provided at Hempstead Valley and I would like to thank the Hempstead Valley team for their continuous commitment and pride toward customer care.”


Hempstead Valley is currently putting final touches to its 40th Anniversary celebrations, which will conclude with a birthday party to be held in the Centre on Saturday 20th October. The Centre is also looking forward to its forthcoming 80,000 sq ft extension which was granted by Medway Council in April 2018.  The development will include five large new units and decked car park, so the future for Hempstead Valley is very exciting.


When Hempstead Valley opened in October 1978, it was the first out of town shopping centre in the South East and was modelled on successful complexes in North America and Europe.  Hempstead Valley was home to SavaCentre, (a large hypermarket, now Sainsbury’s) and its innovative approach to retailing won it many commercial awards, including the 1980 European Award from the International Council for Shopping Centres. The award recognised “outstanding and creative shopping centre accomplishments”.